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Healthy Chicken with Broccoli Stir-Fry

Healthy Chicken and Broccoli Stir-fry

It’s time for Stir-fry! Healthy Chicken and Broccoli Stir-fry. I love Stir-fry recipe cause it’s quick and easy, it is also perfect for a busy and occupied weeknight. I have been posting stir-fry recipes. Below are some of my stir-fry recipes: Easy Stir Fry Chicken Teriyaki Recipe In Under 30 Minutes Healthy Chop Suey Recipe Quick […]

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Healthy Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe

This  Healthy Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe is a simple dinner made especially for the busy weeknight. I can see that you are weary with work, obligations but you managed to carry on each day. I do agree that there are too many things that consume most of our time.  My thought Don’t stress your life with this kind […]

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Chilaquiles with Sredded Chicken

Chicken Chilaquiles Recipe

  Chicken Chilaquiles Recipe Who loves Mexican Cuisine? Better question who loves Chilaquiles? I’ve always loved Mexican food. Every time I ’m out and do my favorite thing called Go Out to Eat,  my food senses always bring me to the direction of the  Mexican restaurant.  Enchiladas, chips and salsa,  chilaquiles, tostadas, and carnitas- many […]

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Baked Coconut Tenders with Strawberry-Mango Salsa

Baked Coconut Chicken with Strawberry & Mango Salsa

This is a chicken recipe that I like to make for my friends. I often go visiting and cook for my friends in their homes. I always have a few chicken recipes up my sleeve as they are always well received. I have been putting together an ecookbook of my best 2015 recipes and will […]

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crockpot quinoa chicken

Crockpot Chicken Quinoa Primavera Recipe

This is another recipe that is not only tasty but good for you. I call it my Crockpot Chicken Quinoa Primavera Recipe. Primavera is a pasta dish made with lightly sautéed spring vegetables. With added quinoa it makes for a healthy tasty dish. It cooks really fast and can be ready in as little as 3 to […]

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Easy Lemon Chicken Breast Recipe

This recipe takes a little longer than many of my other chicken recipes. In fact around 1 hour including prep and cooking time, but is well worth it. Cooking time is only 35 minutes though but the results are fantastic. Mouth watering smells and aromas tantalize the taste buds even before you bite into them. It […]

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Chicken Bite Nuggets with Crusted Tortilla Chip in 30 Minutes

Chicken Bite Nuggets with Crusted Tortilla Chip in 30 Minutes

This is another of those easy and quick recipes that you can amaze your family and friends with. I call it my Chicken Bite Nuggets with Crusted Tortilla Chip in 30 Minutes. as the name suggests it can be done in 30 minutes or less. I love chicken and I find that a crispy outing […]

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Easy Stir Fry Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

Easy Stir Fry Chicken Teriyaki Recipe In Under 30 Minutes

This is another quick and easy chicken recipe that can be completed in under 30 minutes. Being so busy i tend to love the easy and quick recipes and chicken is so ideal as its so versatile. When i cook i like to think about the flavors as well as the presentation, as a dish […]

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One Pan Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Parmesan – Ready in Minutes

One Pan Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Parmesan – Ready in Minutes Here is another of my favorite chicken recipes. Why one of my favorites? Well because its quick, easy and tasty and of course all in one pan so you get that infusion of flavor from all of the ingredients. This dish only takes around 10 […]

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italian chicken and rice recipe in one pot

Italian Chicken and Rice Recipe in One Pot and Ready in 45 Minutes

This is another one o those easy one pot meals that packs alot of flavor and nutrition. What I love about one pot meals is that there is no extra mess to clean up once cooked. Its all cooked in the one pot for a great infusion of flavors. Another bonus with this recipe is […]

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