About Us

Clare LanderWelcome! I’m Clare Lander and I bake, style as well as photograph food for income around my home up high within the Rugged Mountain tops just to the west of Colorado. I began AppetizerGirl in 2011 since I needed to learn to cook appetizers.

On this blog I reveal to you the things I learn from my personal tests with various flavors as well as the recipes I develop. I strive to cook right from scratch (with some exemptions, I don’t create my own soya sauce, for instance) nevertheless apart from that I don’t adhere to any kind of specific style or rule. My personal saying is “If it great, it’s great.”

Whenever I’m away from the stove-top or behind my camera you’ll find me backpacking to a mountain lake or in my veggie garden, looking to enhance my high-altitude farming abilities.

I have worked in a number of cafes and restaurants where I have been able to hone my cooking skills on a regular basis. My style of cooking is old fashioned having first learnt to cook from my Mother and Grandmother.

Please feel free to look around the website and try some of our recipes and of course, leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.