A Taste Trip Around the World: Hosting an International Appetizer Party

International Appetizer Party

Embark on an international culinary journey by hosting an “Around the World Party” featuring globally inspired appetizers. With the right mix of bite-sized nibbles from different regions, you can create a unique event that transports your guests across continents, one taste at a time. When planning your party, keep the menu anchored in authentic flavors … Read more

Best Smoked and Oven Roasted Turkey Recipe

This Thanksgiving I was all prepared to make our normal slow-roasted turkey when a few days before my sister asked me to prepare a smoked turkey as well.  Her husband had been hearing from neighbors that a smoked turkey is the only way to prepare one this year, and he had to have one. Since … Read more

Grandpa’s Garden Vegetable Soup

My grandma did most of the cooking in my grandparent’s house.  When my grandpa did cook, he was either at the grill or could be found making his fresh garden vegetable soup.  Whenever I think of my grandpa, this soup comes to mind.  The earthiness, fresh from the garden flavors, and ginger (the secret ingredient.)  … Read more

Best Harvest Chicken Casserole Recipe

Nothing quite says fall harvest time like sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.  This dish has both and will leave the whole family asking for more. Even better, it reheats well for a delicious lunch the next day. Don’t let this recipe fool you, it may look a little complicated or time-consuming, but it’s really not … Read more