Roasted Artichokes halves

Roasted Artichokes Recipe (2)

So I’m having a fun time with artichokes TODAY! Roasted Artichokes. Just even writing that makes me be able to taste the delicious-tangy taste of artichokes. I don’t know why. I have banana sour cream pancakes for breakfast. But it seems like terrible time, thinking the tang of artichokes. But when it comes to ARTICHOKES, there’s no … Read more

Healthy Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe


This  Healthy Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe is a simple dinner made especially for the busy weeknight. I can see that you are weary with work, obligations but you managed to carry on each day. I do agree that there are too many things that consume most of our time.  My thought Don’t stress your life with this kind … Read more

Chicken Chilaquiles Recipe

Chilaquiles with Sredded Chicken

  Chicken Chilaquiles Recipe Who loves Mexican Cuisine? Better question who loves Chilaquiles? I’ve always loved Mexican food. Every time I ’m out and do my favorite thing called Go Out to Eat,  my food senses always bring me to the direction of the  Mexican restaurant.  Enchiladas, chips and salsa,  chilaquiles, tostadas, and carnitas- many … Read more

Fried Pizza Recipe

Fried Pizza

FRIED PIZZA RECIPE?? Are you tired of ordering the same old pizza for delivery?  You can make your own customized pizza at home. Last week I was out of town with my friends. It feels good to have a vacation. A chance to relax, have fun, to enjoy the sea, new surroundings, and of course bonding with friends. … Read more